What We are Capable Of

What we are capable of as a species is, in our opinion, much greater than what we have already accomplished, and One Community is purposed to create a path to achieving what we believe will be the next great step in the ever evolving human story: global sustainability and improved happiness. what we are capable of, open source village, creating the golden age, global sustainability, unifying humanity, a future for our children, green building systems, expanding the concept of sustainability, To accomplish this, we are creating several non-profit “model solution” village infrastructure templates that will be defined by their ability to self-replicate all over the world as additional solution creating teacher and demonstration communities, villages, and cities.

These teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities will be affordable, applicable and implementable across a diversity of cultures, easily accessible, a combination of eco sustainable infrastructure solutions and fulfilled livingopen sourced and free-shared so that people with average knowledge and little or no experience can duplicate them, and marketed to expose enough people so that duplication by others will begin and exponentially expand implementation of this model around the world. As the first open source village of this kind,  One Community is the sustainability non-profit think-tank creating the necessary non-profit green building systems people need to start this process and lead to transformation of life as we know it on this planet.

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One Community is bringing together the forward thinkers and solution focused people of the world to participate, contribute, adapt, and evolve an open source village model that integrates green building systems with a culture of cooperation and collaboration… Read More

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Get Involved

One Community is organizing a global think tank of solution focused people interested in collaborating for The Highest Good of All. Take a look at the diversity of different ways to participate from Partnering and Consulting to Community Membership to Internet Participation and… Read More

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Global Strategy

One Community has a four-phase global sustainable community strategy to address the problems of today and prepare for the challenges of the next century by not just creating a model solution, but by implementing a model for creating… Read More

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Why Now

The time has come to create something better for ourselves, our children, and all people on this planet. One Community is leading the way by creating solutions and collaborating to demonstrate an entirely new way of living for… Read More

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What Is It

One Community is a model for creating what we are capable of: global sustainability through non-profit green building systems integrated together in the form of an open source village prototype teaching others how to build teacher/demonstration communities, villages,… Read More

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