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One Community is a non-profit organization and think tank creating and free-sharing an open source village model for self-sufficient and sustainable living. Our organization and this model differ from other sustainability models in that our primary purpose is open source project-launch blueprinting supported by aggressive marketing to provide for free the necessary blueprints, tools, tutorials and other resources to duplicate every aspect of the One Community open source village. In so doing we will establish a global collaborative of successive teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to exponentially expand and share sustainability. One Community is creating this because we believe it has the potential to facilitate a new Golden Age of sustainable living, cooperation, collaboration, and people thinking and creating for The Highest Good of All.


Everything we do is created without patents, copyrights, or limitations of use of any kind.


Everything we do is being created to provide blueprints, tools, tutorials, and as many resources as possible to streamline, simplify, and facilitate the launching of additional projects. Additionally, One Community and all its components are being designed to be duplicated either modularly or as a complete self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration community, village, or city like One Community.



Our primary criteria for open source village creation and project-launch blueprinting are easy duplicability and maximum attention to the health of people and our planet. Because of this we are creating, from the ground up, a non-profit and open source/free-shared village model that goes beyond being a model solution by:

Ultimately we see this as a path to a planet and living model capable of providing for all people as we redefine the idea of sustainable living as fulfilled living, duplicable, open source, and freely available through our global collaborative, and thinking and creating that is for The Highest Good of All.

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The SEGO City Hub:
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We desire to open source project-launch blueprint and demystify the process of building and living sustainably and self-sufficiently by making it as easy as possible. To accomplish this our team and our non profit organization are purposed to indefinitely evolve, open source, and free-share the following components of food, energy, and housing sustainability to help people with limited resources and little or no experience to be able to create self-sufficient and sustainable open source teacher/demonstration villages too:

● Complete architectural plans ● Cost analysis for each component
● Where to buy your materials ● How to work with your local governments
● Who to talk to if you need help ● Labor-hour projections for building each component
● How to involve the surrounding community in this model for living and spreading sustainability so it is welcomed and duplicable anywhere in the world
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open source sharing, free sharing, eco open source, open source ecology, spreading green living, One Community, open source sustainability, sustainability nonprofitWe are already open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing the results of our 1,000′s of hours of work and everything we continue to create. To become one of the most productive, comprehensive, and useful sources of open source and free-shared sustainability information in the world we have set the following minimum time investments and expanded goals for open source creation during our first 6 months once on the property:

● 300 short videos -  3 uploads per day (this will take less than 3 hours/day)
● 12 one-hour tutorials on each of our projects from architecture to food production to consensus governing (estimate 20 hours of creation time each or 240 total hours over 6 months)
● A live streaming page with live classes/events throughout the day (creates 8 hours/day of content and requires less than 1 hour/per day to maintain)
● 2-3 articles a week generating PDF plans on each arena of development (estimated 5 hours/article or 2 hrs/day)
● Library of existing resources and information (allocated 100 hours to build + 2 hours/day to maintain)
● 3 hours a day invested in dedicated video taping for inclusion in all of the above

To accomplish this we plan to allocate 3 full-time people (120 hours a week) to the tasks associated with open source sharing. This amounts to over 2,800 hours of open source contribution to the world during just our first 6 months of building on the property. Please see our expanded open source page on the One Community Open Source Blueprint site for more details.


We believe that if just being off-grid, food self-sufficient, and eco-housing sustainable were enough for people, we would already live in a sustainable world. To provide a more attractive sustainable model we are building on a model of sustainable foodenergy, and housing to create a more comprehensive open source and self-sufficient village model than anything that currently exists. This model includes:

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Everything One Community creates is designed for duplication. The purpose of our sustainability think tank and non profit organization is to explore and expand the diversity of what is possible while making it easy to replicate modularly and as complete teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and citiesOur team consists of 100% unpaid volunteers and we are always open to those who might wish to join us in our non-profit mission for global change through open source sustainable village creation and demonstrating the evolution of green building and living concepts.

One Community Open Source Blueprint Page

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"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~