together we can change the world

Together We Can Change the World

Community Members are the core of our non-profit sustainability think tank and the people who will be moving to the property to live full-time and continue to evolve and share the ultra-green and eco-sustainable community model that is One Community. They are the foundation of community contribution, the atmosphere and culture of One Community as a community, and the people who will “pioneer” all the initial development and community structure (through consensus) once we get on the property. Each stage of this sustainable model for living and sharing what we create is an evolution built on the foundation of prior stages and each person who joins us adds their input, experience, and unique knowledge-base to the One Community creation and evolution from that point forward.


the future in our hands, our world, our earth, one community, creating the future, changing the future, a new future, together we can, unifying humanity, we are unitedThe Pioneer Team is the first link in a chain whose forging marks the unfolding of our ultimate goal of world change for The Highest Good of All. With an eye toward attaining the future we know is possible, the Pioneer Team directs its energy to forging the initial link in the chain – knowing that giving our all to this initial innovative stage will manifest the strength needed for future innovators to link to our initial effort. The future depends on the dedication and endurance that we put into the hard work of forging this chain’s first link. Thus while Pioneer Team members share a common future vision, our present focus is on the hard work before us now.

With that said, we are in full-swing of the beginning stages of this creation and looking for those people interested in working on everything we are finishing and evolving in preparation for our move, and then being a part of the initial group of 40-50 Community Pioneers moving onto the property itself to build your own home, start food production, and create everything else that is part of this open source blueprint for a new and comprehensively sustainable way of living. We are also accepting applications for partners and consultants that might want to help with the project without planning on joining us on the property.

Click Here to For the Community Member Application Click Here for our Partnership Application

All the components we are working on and completing now are necessary prerequisites to our move because all the details described in this site will begin taking form as soon as we arrive; accelerated open source creation and sharing, the social structure, the pods, the business model, and all other aspects of the comprehensive One Community experience.


● The experience, coaching, structure, leadership and finances to create everything on this site.
● Food. We’ll be buying everything until the greenhouses are producing (estimated 3-4 months).
● Communal living space until your own home is built – a home you own after 18 months of community membership.
● One of the most diverse teams ever assembled for creating anything even remotely close to a project of this magnitude and with goals like ours for making a difference in the world.


● The financial fortitude/freedom to step away from whatever you are doing now and start this new life, living on and creating One Community. We provide the food and shelter so there are no expenses or community related costs associated with living in One Community, and we’ll be establishing revenue streams and operating the entrepreneurial model, however, you will need to be able to live without income for a MINIMUM of 6 months.
● A positive attitude, fun and loving personality, good communication skills, and drive to contribute to on-going design, creation, and sharing of something unique and beautiful. Take a look at our Conscious and Conscientious Page for specifics on who we are and who we are looking for.
● A desire and drive for personal growth and living an authentic life – being yourself and celebrating others doing the same.
● A desire to really make a difference and be a part of a team that keeps making a difference in the world.


● Fill out the One Community Invitation Form, e-mail it back to us, and we will review it and set up a Q&A interview time if we’re a good fit.

Click here for the One Community Invitation Form


● Community Pioneers will be the people detailing and evolving the foundation of One Community’s socialeconomic, and organizational structure through the community consensus process; pieces put into place by Community Pioneers will require consensus to change, meaning maximum control and input over the evolution and specifics of One Community from day one for Community Pioneers.

● Community Pioneers will be the only people to join One Community without going through the entire sponsorship process, and the only people able to sponsor the first round of future members.

● All Community Members have first right of refusal to buy structures for sale and Community Pioneers will also have the option to upgrade their homes each time a new pod is built – making them the only people projected to be able to move into one of the most desirable tree houses in Pod 7 without any financial investment, and a very nice ‘perk’, considering they will also be a part of all aspects of the design and implementation leading up to the construction of this final pod.

● As with all pioneers, doing something nobody else has ever done is exciting. Nowhere in the world is there a community dedicated like we are to the advancement of the human species and celebrating art, music, learning, connection, freedom, and abundance like One Community – it is unique and perfectly timed – and while many communities will follow in the footsteps of One Community, there will always be only one group of One Community Pioneers.


Until we move on the property:

The amount of preparation, projects, and bringing together of everything that is necessary for a successful move onto the property with a project like this is immense. For Community Pioneers right now we are requiring 4-6 hours of tangible contribution leading up to the last couple of months before we move onto the property when we will predictably be engaged full-time with the details and the move. Exceptions to these participation guidelines right now are people volunteering their expertise and collaborating on specific pieces of the project where their participation involves more time.

Day One on the property as One Community:

Welcome to the property! We all move in to The Bunkhouse or winter-ready structures provided by the individual and the community process begins. Just like getting organized when camping or going to a festival with a large group, we sit down and talk about what needs to be done and how we are best going to accomplish it. Meal times, classes and everything discussed on this site are scheduled and planned along with our building and landscaping schedule. Everybody has a voice and we make our decisions based on the consensus rollout schedule.

Month One as part of One Community:

We are settled in now and the basics like morning and evening classes and entertainment, meal times, community contribution schedules, meeting frequency, etc. are all pretty much settled. Now we are focused primarily on everything we can open source share as we are working together and evolving and building our homes, initial greenhouse structures, and making the property as desirable and beautiful as we can imagine. The majority of our time is divided up amongst further evolution of designs, sharing everything, building, landscaping, and growing; making sure we maintain our commitment to the social aspects of community like entertainment and personal growth.

Year One as part of One Community:

The One Community SEGO Center should be done or nearly done along with Pod #1 and everyone who started with us is now living or preparing to live in a home they helped build. By this point we should be producing enough food to feed our entire community and working on tripling production to support our tourism business with a surplus for sale. Pod #2  is under construction and Pod #3 and the treehouse pod (#7) is in planning. In the past year we have created and/or are finishing 2 reflexology labyrinths, a meditation garden, several greenhouses, the tropical dome, development of the natural amphitheater, and development of the two ponds. Now we are sketching out development of the rest of the community property.


● Take a look at our Helping One Community Page with options ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

● Join us as a partner or consultant. Click here to visit our Partnership/Consultant Application Page.

● Join our e-mail list for people interested in being part of a Weekend Work Crew when we invite others to be a part of what we are creating and see what we are up to regularly by following us on Twitterfacebook, and linkedin.

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"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~